Conflict is Normal.
How conflict is managed is the key.

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Operating a business requires collaboration and constant adjustment to changes in the market and personnel.  At times, the ordinary tools for exchanging ideas and making decisions breakdown and lead to impasse or conflict.  At those times, Ellen helps key stakeholders—employees, small teams and management—work through the impasse so they can return their focus to operating the business.

Consulting Services

Addressing Conflict in the workplace

eWaldorf Mediation helps businesses address interpersonal problems in the workplace including group dysfunction, difficult co-worker dynamics, and employee-supervisor tension. eWaldorf also can help you constructively navigate difficult relationships with key outside business partners including vendors and clients. Ellen relies on a collaborative approach helping each business address their specific challenge and helping them focus on effective strategies to arrive at a productive solution.

Workshops and Trainings

Interactive and customized.

Employees and professionals are trained to perform the functions of their jobs and often left to themselves to figure out how to work effectively in teams or deal with difficult behavior from customers, clients, or co-workers. Ellen offers interactive workshops and customized training to help businesses and their employees learn how to work more effectively together, how to manage difficult behaviors, and how to resolve conflict.


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