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Family Issues

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Addressing family conflict

Families can be complicated and so too can their conversations. Ellen guides families through difficult conversations and engages clients to think critically and comprehensively. Ellen helps clients navigate through the complexities of their individual situations and dynamics. Ellen’s process allows for everyone’s concerns, ideas, and differences to be addressed so her clients walk away with a mutually agreed upon solution.

Shared Ownership

Shared Expectations

Managing a shared family asset like a vacation home or trust can involve conflict that is multi-dimensional and difficult to resolve. Whether it is addressing a single issue or something more complex, Ellen expertly provides guidance and structure so clients can engage in difficult conversations and reach a resolution.

Care Planning

Finding the Right solution

Everyone in a family has opinions about where an aging or incapacitated loved one should live or what that loved one should do as their capacities change. Differences can compound the stress and distress of the loved one and other family members leading to avoidance of these important conversations or creating conflict when discussed. Ellen guides families through these difficult conversations–helping families address the issues, gather vital information, and make thoughtful decisions.

Estate Conflicts

A thoughtful approach

Implementing estate plans after the death of a loved one can be complicated. It can also create confusion and sometimes upend family relationships. Ellen helps families have the conversations they are having difficulty navigating on their own—minimizing upset while resolving the conflict and estate distribution.

Other Family Conversations

While conflict is universal, each family circumstance is unique. Ellen has helped families address their particular issue and navigate to their successful resolution. If you have a family conflict, call to find out how eWaldorf Mediation may be of help.

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