Providing support and guidance
When you need a neutral perspective.

Advising: One to One

eWaldorf Mediation

Helping to Prepare Clients for their Conversations

Sometimes you are stuck in a difficult situation and have no idea what to do. You need help thinking through how to engage those involved.

Ellen will help you prepare for that difficult conversation and the resistance you may be facing. She will work with you to figure out your best tactics and approach to address, engage in, and have a productive discussion.

Ready, Set…

A needs-based approach

Addressing and facing conflict and difficult situations is never easy–but when you add in complicating factors such as personality dynamics, relationship history, and emotions, it becomes even more complicated to navigate.

Whether it’s one conversation, or support through an evolving process, Ellen will work with you as an advisor to support you where you need it and help you prepare and manage your situation in the most productive way you can.

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