Divorce & Separation
is a simple guide to problem solving for the divorcing couple.

With specific resources and information for divorce in Massachusetts.

There is no “single” roadmap to a successful divorce – every family and situation is unique.

Divorce & Separation is a simple guide for individuals and couples who are separating or divorcing.
This book:

  • Empowers couples to take control of their unique needs and solutions
  • Provides guidance for couples to work together to make difficult decisions
  • Helps couples figure out what issues and decisions they need to address and provides guidance on how to address their unique family needs and solutions
  • Specifically addresses divorce in Massachusetts—providing guidance and resources to successfully navigate a divorce in Massachusetts

Financial Advisors, Accountants Social Workers:
This book is a powerful tool that will give you insight into the many pressures and decisions facing your clients who are in the midst of their divorce process, divorcing or separating.


“The information, resources, and activities …contained within will guide the reader through every possible aspect of this complex process while breaking it down into small, manageable parts. This can serve as a useful handbook or a “how to” guide on the “ins and outs” of divorce.”

Betsy Ross

LICSW, CGP Mediation, Coaching, Psychotherapy


“A person deciding the move forward with divorce will find themself well-positioned to make the decisions they need to make when they need to make them. Divorce is a hard process and this book will help!”

Amanda J. Shuman, Esq

Attorney and Director of Marketing